EEH Turns 25!

Ethnic Education Hawai‘i, formerly known as Ethnic Education Foundation Hawai‘i, is turning 25 years old this year! The organization was co-founded in 1993 by former Peace Corps volunteer Shelby Henderson, and by Leona Jona, who came to the US as a refugee following the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. While both were working at KNDI Radio, they realized that many of the listeners were at a great disadvantage when it came to hearing important announcements and educational programming due to limited English skills. Thus, EEH (then EEFH) was born, and together with partner radio stations KNDI, KREA, and KZOO, the organization’s founders set to work ensuring that more ethnic groups would be represented on air, in their respective languages. In 2015, the Hawai‘i Justice Foundation awarded the distinguished “Spirit of Justice Award” to EEH for the organization’s good work in the community over so many years.

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