Our Vision

Making vital communications language-accessible for all in Hawai‘i.


Approximately 19% of Hawaii’s population has “limited English proficiency” or LEP. LEP residents—including members of more than 13 ethnic groups—often don’t receive vital news, disaster warnings or information about social services and other resources.

Ethnic Education Hawai‘i (EEH) ensures that media—such as radio and television stations—are broadcasting important public messages in various languages, to LEP residents and visitors.

Our primary goal is to provide equal access to those who cannot access important English language media.

EEH, in collaboration with local ethnic radio stations KNDI, KREA, and KZOO, provides funding and translation services for public service announcements and longer educational programs on radio and TV, that address rights, responsibilities, immigration resources, housing, jobs, schooling, public health and safety, and other important topics.

Please join us in this effort—as a volunteer, donor, and/or advocate of multilingual programming in Hawaii.

With Aloha,

Leona Jona
Co-Founder, Ethnic Education Hawaii


Leona Jona, Co-Founder